« Soyez les bienvenu.e.s » - Re-opening

Frac Picardie – Hauts-de-France, Amiens

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January 2021

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« Soyez les bienvenu.e.s »

« Soyez les bienvenu.e.s » Re-opening

With the arrival of Pascal Neveux as its director, the Frac Picardie is embarking on a new artistic and cultural project. Echoing the crisis we are going through, the ambition of the new Frac is to invent a social space where artists, critics, researchers, academics, cultural actors from all walks of life can come to work, share, be inspired and develop. ideas, projects. A human ecosystem, creating conditions conducive to transformative experiences, deep collaborations and field experiments, which brings together people and projects driven by the same enthusiasm to create a responsible and innovative artistic and cultural environment. The Frac Picardie will transform itself, at the rate of events, exhibitions, workshops and meetings, into a platform for exchanges and meetings, constituting a real "base camp" in the south of our region, open to all audiences.

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