“The citadel celebrates the ocean”

Musée National de la Marine – Port Louis

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Until 5 January 2020

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“The citadel celebrates the ocean”
6- Nicolas Floch, Watercolor, colonne d’eau, -10 m, Ouessant, 2016, 210 x 150 cm.jpg ©Nicolas Floc’h

“The citadel celebrates the ocean”

In order to raise public awareness regarding environmental issues in the marine world, the Musée National de la Marine in Port Louis devised a special program around ocean preservation. This event invites visitors to become aware of the fragility of the sea and to mobilise around actions necessary for its protection. At the museum, a specific area presents the initiatives taken by different actors to protect the planet's largest eco-system. In addition, two guest artists present works related to these conversations around ecology. Laurent Tixador, artist of DIY and physical performance, collaborated with students aged 11 to 13 as part of his residency at the museum. From their work was born The Beach Bar, a work made from elements found at the foot of Port Louis’ citadel. As for Nicolas Floc'h, visual artist and photographer, he exposes his work on the color of water and seabed environments.

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