“Winter Gardens”

Les Champs Libres, Rennes

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1st, 2nd, and 3rd February 2019

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“Jardins d’hiver” (“Winter Gardens”) - Literary festival
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“Jardins d’hiver” (“Winter Gardens”) - Literary festival Free entry

Jardins d’hiver, a literary festival held at the Champs Libres in Rennes, is celebrating its second season. Between 1st and 3rd February, the festival has given authors free rein to celebrate all paths that lead to literature.

Les Champs Libres becomes a great big garden for the duration of the festival, offering different perspectives and means to appreciate literature. Authors come to speak of the world and of the books they love, sharing their experience with the audience. Maylis de Kerangal, Bertrand Belin, Jean Rolin, Véronique Ovaldé, Mona Ozouf, Michelle Perrot, Frédéric Paulin, et Catherine Poulain are some of the authors attending the festival this year.

A weekend in the dead of winter, to listen, nap, or lose oneself in all things of the book world.

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