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From July, 9 to October, 21 2021

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Angela Bulloch
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Angela Bulloch

International career artist Angela Bulloch is invited by the Art museum to design a specific installation in the Patio, mixing the techniques of sculpture, painting and sound, while thwarting the monumentality of the place. It’s a poetic experience that the visitor will be able to live and complete by discovering a set of sculptures and murals. Visual artist and multimedia artist, Angela Bulloch was born in 1966 in Canada. She lives and works in Berlin. From the early 1990s, she develops a practice that aims to reread the processes of conceptual art established in the 1960s, while questioning our attitudes and practices in front of objects, notably through news technologies. While the artist proceeds by series of works, the sound, the color and light are recurrent in his work. Angela Bulloch's work is present in the Museum's collections with Disco floor - Bootleg 16 (2002). In Nantes, The Zebra Crossing, Regulations and General Directions (2009) was carried out on the island of Nantes (Manny building, rue La-Noue-Bras-de-Fer) as part of the 2009 Estuaires course.

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