Bamako Encounters: Streams of Consciousness

Bamako Encounters, Mali

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30.11.19 – 31.01.20

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Bamako Encounters
Sans titre (from the series Nothing’s in Vain, 2014-2016) 2016 © Emmanuele Andrianjafy

Bamako Encounters Streams of Consciousness

Bamako Encounters, the historical and internationally renowned Biennale for Photography and Video Art on the African Continent, is proud to announce the artists who will contribute to its 25th anniversary edition.

This edition is an invitation to think about the artistic practice of photography as a stream of consciousness, as well as to consider photography beyond the tight corset of the photographic; the moment of a snapshot emanates from a flow of thoughts and associations reflecting the photographer’s inner voice, which is unavoidably and constantly in motion.

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