Bees, a natural story

Museum d’histoire naturelle du Havre

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Until 5 January 2020

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Bees, a natural story
Affiche exposition "Abeille, une histoire naturelle" - Museum d'histoire naturelle du Havre © Éric Tourneret

Bees, a natural story

A true invitation to travel, the exhibition "Bees, a natural history" was created around a hundred photographs that Eric Tourneyret took in France and around the world. This photographer and bee specialist tells through his images, in the form of a story, the beauty and immense variety of the world of bees. A scientific component allows all visitors to better understand the genius of bees but also to become aware of their vital importance through pollination. They will also be able to discover a fabulous story about the unique relationship that binds man and bee around the quest for honey.

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