Gérard Traquandi

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen 

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Septembrer 2021 - September 2022

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Gérard Traquandi
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Gérard Traquandi

Gérard Traquandi is the new guest of the “Résonance” cycle, which each year offers a « carte blanche » to a living artist.
Born in Marseille in 1952, Gérard Traquandi explores the practice of painting without ceasing to question a plurality of techniques and supports, from photography, engraving and drawing to ceramics. In a striking economy of means, always on the edge of abstraction and lyricism without really pouring into it, held in a distance or an essential tension, Gérard Traquandi creates colorful expansions marked by rhythmic lines, solid, breathable, iridescent surfaces, surprisingly mobile. Invited to invest the 20th and 21st century rooms of the museum and the grand atrium, the artist will share with us his major ambition, which is "to become aware of the place we occupy both in space and in time, making us both humble and responsible.

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