Margaret Harrison, “Dancing on missiles”

49 NORD – 6 EST/ FRAC Lorraine - Metz

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28 June - 6 October 2019

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Margaret Harrison, “Dancing on missiles”
Margaret Francis Harrison Captain America II, 1997 drawing (pencil) and watercolor 71 x 51 cm (framed: 81 x 61 cm) Collection © Nicolas Krupp, Basel

Margaret Harrison, “Dancing on missiles” "Danser sur les missiles"

An essential figure in the history of feminism and its relationship to art and politics in Britain, Margaret Harrison (Yorkshire, * 1940) is a radical artist who has questioned notions of gender, class, and of women’s place in society. Her practice, consisting of installations, paintings, drawings, collages and texts, seeks to question artistic canons, codes that determine both the representation of women, their role in society and their historical attributes. By switching roles around, as well as positions and clothing, she highlights the very codes at work in popular imagery as well as in art history - as well as our reading of the natural world. Long neglected, her work is given a new stage and finds a new meaning in the post me-too era. She is given her first French retrospective show at the Frac Lorraine.

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