Michael Rakowitz.Solo show

49 Nord 6 Est - Frac Lorraine, Metz

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28 October 2021 - 31 January 2022 

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Michael Rakowitz.Solo show
© Michael Rakowitz, The Ballad Of Special Ops Cody, 2017

Michael Rakowitz.Solo show

Michael Rakowitz (* 1973) explores in his work the forms which are brought to disappear or which already are, the mechanisms of destruction and preservation which surround them. Drawing on historical facts, this Jewish-Iraqi artist, who lives and works in Chicago, occasionally introduces elements of music or popular culture into his practice, which highlights elements of the past that we are in the process of erase and shows how we're continuously rewriting history. Collecting traces in public space, he has often developed projects related to architecture and various forms of monumental art.

His last achievement in public space took place in 2020 as part of the Fourth Plinth public commission project in Trafalgar Square, London. After having exhibited both in Europe and in the United States, this exhibition will be the first personal presentation in France of this major artist.

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