Musée du Domaine royal de Marly

Marly-le-roy / Louveciennes

Reopening date

Autumn 2019

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Musée du Domaine royal de Marly
Tapisserie DonQuichotte ©Christie s images 2015

Musée du Domaine royal de Marly

After a major remodelling, the Musée Promenade reopens in Autumn 2019, revealing an entirely new scenography that displays the park and the splendours of Marly in Louis XIV’s time. Viewers are invited to discover Louis XIV’s other palace, that is no longer standing, a sumptuous and intimate place where the king entertained privileged courtiers. The collections retrace the history of Louis XIV’s estate, its evolution under Louis XV and Louis XVI. Part of the visit is dedicated to the famous Marly machine, eighth wonder of the world, intended to supply water fountains and pools of both Marly and Versailles.

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